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Welcome to LYLY’s first annual CSA // Community Supported Adornment

It is with much delight, that I’m offering a new and experimental way of offering my creativity to my amazing clients. I have longed for a way to merge my passion for both art and healing, and to make my jewelry making efforts more personalized and special. This new offering “Community Supported Adornments” is a way for me to make and send four custom packages of jewelry made just for you. One package will be going out each season of the year from Fall 2019 - Summer 2020. Each package will be assembled with the recipient in mind, yielding new and expanded versions of LYLY designs.

How it works:

In addition to getting to know you through virtual meetups (think Skype/Zoom) and your responses on a few key questions, I’ll work with my healing/intuitive senses and create custom - heirloom quality – jewelry that will support and add to the beautification of your singular journey.

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Why this matters:

The concept of talisman is one that is ages old.  Since documented human civilization, we have made and worn items of significance to aid in our experience of life.  

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Why me:

I am gifted at listening, seeing people thru their love of color and form. I’m also deeply interested in the layered meanings of personal style: helping people live and express their truth/creativity/brilliance in how they dress. My work as a jewelry artist is one way I blend my loves of style, creativity and people! 

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How you can join the CSA:

This offering is going to be limited to a small number of people, so if this speaks to you, please join. It would be my great honor to serve you in this way.  

What you will receive: 

  • 4 CSA packages of jewelry + magic , one per season beginning Fall of 2019, and ending Summer of 2020.  Inside each package you’ll find custom created beaded and/or metal items specifically made FOR YOU (I will make sure to accommodate size, color and metal preferences.). I’ll also be including magical surprises, too! Although I can’t tell you what the exact contents will be, you can trust that it will be beautiful, and tailored for the journey of who you are and who you are becoming. Truly, these adornments will support you on your path.  

  • Not sure of my style? Check out for my portfolio. I ask that you only join the CSA if you are truly a fan of my work/style. 

  • I am adding new designs to my line all the time. As a CSA member, you’ll be among the first to receive exclusive access to my latest designs. 

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  • $900 // for a year of custom jewelry 

  • TRADE:  I am open to accepting a limited number trade opportunities with people who offer things that could be put to good use in my life, home and community. If you have interest in trading for the $900 value, please contact me at  with what you make / website / and why you’d like to trade! Please understand that I’ll be selective about trades, so please don’t be offended if I decline! 

Get Started NOW

Immediately upon signing up, you’ll receive an email with next steps, including a few questions I want you to start answering before our Zoom/Skype date.


  • When will I receive my first CSA package?

    You will receive your first package within 4 weeks of signing up. I will directly be reaching out with exact dates, once our group has assembled.

  • How many pieces of earrings/necklaces will be included in each package?

    You can expect a retail value of $250-$300 per seasonal package.

  • Will we have a chance to meet via Skype/Zoom each season before you create my custom jewelry or do we just meet at the beginning when I sign up?

    We will just meet once on Skype or Zoom or FaceTime, sometime in the beginning of the year.

  • Can I pay in installments? 

    In general, payment in full is asked for. If you need to make special payment arrangements, we can discuss that one on one.